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About Us

Shirtal Diamonds is known for its fine makes & best shapes only.

We put major efforts to serve our clients wherever they are, efficiently and always keeping competitive prices.


Our inventory represents a large scale of goods, from 1ct size up to 10ct and over, Round and Fancy shape, ranging from high clarity and low color for the far east to low clarities and high colors for the American market. GIA, HRD & EGL


Shirtal Diamonds is a family business based in New York and Tel Aviv.

We have been selling diamonds to leading retailers around the world for the past 35 years.


Originally focused on the American market, we expanded our activity to the far east in recent years, through our subsidiary companies.

Today, participating in the world's largest exhibitions and dealing with suppliers and customers all around the world, Shirtal sets a true example of the global ever-changing diamond market.

About us
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